Story Over Everything


Regis Arms Hotel Anthology

One more shift. One more shift and desk clerk Kellin Moody is done with the hell hole of a hotel he's called a job for the last too many years. At midnight the Regis Arms Hotel is closing it's doors for good and if Kellin can get through one last shift, he'll pocket a nice bit of severance pay. Too bad the Regis has 10 rooms of rowdy guests all set to end the Regis with a bang. Between practical jokers, bank robbers, ghosts, and serial killers, Kellin might not live through the night to spend that bonus check.

Have a hair brained idea for a new anthology? Shoot us an email.

Wasted Words Weekly

Alright everyone, here's the newest addition to the Hair Brained catalog of fun: The Weekly Wasted Words writing prompt. Every Monday we'll put up a new sentence from a piece of pop culture, and it's your job to write a story including the line. As with everything we do here, this shouldn't be taken very seriously. We're not looking for a prize-winning piece of flash fiction. Just get out there and puke some words. 


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