Demons are all in your head…Until they aren’t.

Ty Burdin walked away from his job as a hundredth generation demon hunter. Finished. Caput. The demon hunting agency pushed him past his limit and Ty delivered his two-week notice in blood. One favor later, Ty's luxurious post-hunting life of scraps and scotch gets turned upside down as Ty finds himself in a game of wits with a war demon that's playing dress up as an old moonshiner. 


When the Devil's bullets start flying, someone is going to get burned.

Alright everyone, here's the newest addition to the Hair Brained catalog of fun: The Weekly Wasted Words writing prompt. Every Monday we'll put up a new sentence from a piece of pop culture, and it's your job to write a story including the line. As with everything we do here, this shouldn't be taken very seriously. We're not looking for a prize-winning piece of flash fiction. Just get out there and puke some words.