Demons are all in your head…Until they aren’t.

Ty Burdin walked away from his job as a hundredth generation demon hunter. Finished. Caput. The demon hunting agency pushed him past his limit and Ty delivered his two-week notice in blood. One favor later, Ty's luxurious post-hunting life of scraps and scotch gets turned upside down as Ty finds himself in a game of wits with a war demon that's playing dress up as an old moonshiner. When the Devil's bullets start flying, someone is going to get burned.

Can Space's greatest defender handle this femme fatal with legs for days?

Dirk McAwesome.jpg

This tongue-in-cheek short story follows the exploits of Dirk McAwesome as he opposes a formidable colony of giant fire breathing space ants. Close your eyes and think back to your days visiting the local hobby shop, being regaled with tales of how great some nerd's hero was, then open your eyes and read this story! This text is best when paired with a room temperature beverage, carbonated to the reader's taste.

Wrong Side of Grass.jpg

A bitesize compilation of terror and turmoil.

A collection of horror short stories for a new age. The stories inside involve carrion, cults, clowns, and clones. There is something to keep everyone up at night.


Sam is immortal...sort of.

Private Eye Sam Flint lives in a world of creatures, and this makes not dying tough. Rebirth is something he’d rather avoid since it hurts like hell.


Five Lead Slugs.jpg

When walking through Hell, it’s best to be a Devil.

In a world where the veil of the arcane has been peeled back, malevolent spirits whisper lies into the ears of weak-willed men, and putting a bullet in a man isn't always enough to send him to the graveyard, righting wrongs isn't easy business.
One man will stand alone against the evil that’s birthed in the tiny town of Plain View, even as Hell erupts around him.

Joseph Ashby signed up to be a part of the war that tore this country to pieces, but he was drafted into a much darker army. All he wants is to find his way home to find out if it’s true what the voices in his head are telling him; that his wife and children are dead. The only problem is he has no idea where or when he is or how he got there. The shadow of his past is going to chase him the whole way home where even darker clouds may gather after he finds his answers.

The Devil couldn't hold him back, the complete saga.

Story Over Everything.

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