Episode 4

Episode 4 Coming Soon.

Chris and Alex talk about the upcoming hotel anthology and Chris's epic trip to Baltimore....and that one time at band camp...that Reckoner67 meet AlexNaderWrites. 

Episode 3

Episode 3 of the Whiskey and Wasted Words podcast.

Episode 2

Chris and Alex kick back for their second episode and talk about important topics ranging from how many fucks they actually give down to less important details like how they create the messed up stories they invite readers into.

Episode 1

Alex and Chris get together in the pilot episode and talk about important topics such as music while writing, comic books, and where the treasure is hidden. Thanks to @EveryJacob on Twitter for the icebreaker question and a super special thanks to Chris Suggs (http://mortarstn.bandcamp.com/) for the opening theme.

Story Over Everything.

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